Read Testimonials From Our Clients

Ed & Elaine

“We purchased our new home from Anthony Homes in October of last year and are so very pleased with it. Tony, Judy, and their son Vinny are extremely nice people and very easy to work with.

Tony is very meticulous about detail and structural integrity through all construction phases of his homes. From the site preparation right through to final inspection. One of the things that caught our attention with this home was the unique layout of the attached RV and utility garages which are on a lower level than the oversize 3 car garage in order to maintain the overall roofline of the home, very nice idea! The natural finish wood beams at the front entrance along with the rock work on the home give it a real “Colorado” feel.

If you are looking at building a new home, give Anthony Homes a call, you won’t be disappointed.”

Andrew Ciccolini

"Highly recommended for an incredible, family-like, buying/building experience. They were easy to work with and did their best to help us meet our goals. They even continued to make sure everything was right after closing. 10/10 -Andrew and Mikal."

Marge & Gene Bowling

"Marge and I want to thank you, your staff and tradesmen for the Quality Home you built for us in 2004. From Wanda to Jud y, Elma and the entire administrative staff Their cooperation and support through the paperwork and building made it a more positive experience. Unlike past experiences we have had in building two other homes.

Bruce was very helpful in changing (2 or 3 times) our plot plan and I'm glad he did.  The tradesman you employed are highly motivated and professional.  Some names that come to mind are; Trevor, Tim,  Dan, Jerry, and Julie John at Liberty Flooring. The type of work each Tradesman did reflects a pride in their workmanship which we in tum benefit from. The extra effort and attention to detail is appreciated and will show many years from now.

Last, but not least, is your Foreman, Nathan. He is the consummate customer relations man. He is cooperative and efficient. He took time to see we were pleased with the progress and not too put out by minor delays.  As we went through the building process and after, a call to Nathan either got a positive answer or a positive action. He made the whole experience one we never regretted.

In conclusion, we are very pleased with our Anthony Home and would not hesitate to be a referral in the future."

Eric D. & Family

“I recently purchased an Anthony Home. I was in search of a house where I was going to raise my family for many years to come. I was not going to settle for anything less than a beautiful high quality, and reasonably priced home. Before deciding to have a house built, I talked with numerous friends and builders and started to wonder if having a house built was the right way to go. I listened to many people complain that quality was not as promised and that various builders were nowhere to be found when they had questions or concerns. I was very impressed when I walked into an Anthony Homes model, which persuaded me into contacting them. After speaking with Anthony Homes the decision was easy, they would be the ones to build the home where I planned to raise my family.

I have been pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the courtesy and professionalism that was given to my family and me by everyone I came in contact with at Anthony Homes. The personal attention I received was greatly appreciated, as I expressed my concerns they patiently addressed them and educated me on the process that my house was going to be built. I was given the opportunity to review work as it was completed, and the quality was superb, tremendously reducing the stress of having a house built. I am proud to show off my house to friends and family, and they have all been extremely surprised with the quality and beauty of my home.

Thank you again for all the hard work and dedication you have put into the Anderson home.”

Steve & Jenny

“In the midst of a frenzied weekend of moving and unpacking we wanted to be sure to write you this letter. We want to thank you so much for making our home building process a really great experience. We both believe this was probably as smooth a process as home building can be and relatively stress free. Our home is truly beautiful and we believe we received a wonderful value that we would not have gotten with any other home builder in town. Thank you both for all your efforts in working with us to allow us to build the home we never dreamed we'd have.

We would also like you to extend our thanks to your entire staff for all the behind the scenes work that we may not have seen first hand. We know there is a tremendous amount of work done by people we didn't even interact with, so please let them know that we love the finished product!

We would especially like to commend Nathan for an absolutely wonderful job. He is fantastic to work with, always extremely pleasant and willing to fix whatever issue was important to us on any given day. We could not have had a better person working with us on this home. Nathan is an extremely valuable asset to your company, as I am sure you realize. He may have had 20 - 30 houses that had problems, but we always felt like ours was a top priority. There was rarely a day that our home was not being worked on in order to get it finished on time. We just can't say enough good things - only that we are so appreciative.

Once again, many, many thanks for everything.”

Curtiss & Barbara & Family

“If I were to write two words "Thank You" or a 1,000-page novel, words could not express the gratitude my family and I feel for all you have done for us.

After more than three years of serious-looking, we found Anthony Homes worthy to not only design but to build our dream home. In the process, you became a cornerstone in our acquisition of it.

We marched through the parade of many homes searching for that perfect plan, in the right location with scenic views at an affordable price. However, every house we looked at always seemed to have more than what we needed or lacked something we really desired to have.

While driving around one day, we came across the Anthony Homes model and stopped in to take a look. We spoke to Wanda and discussed what we liked about the model and what we would change. She told us if we were really interested she would have Tony put together a floor plan for us. There was no obligation at this point, so we said yes.

When we met to look at the plans, we were completely awed. It was as if he had walked our dreams and integrated the finest aspects of our desires. I would recommend anyone with a dream to talk to Tony.

As we daily watched our dream become reality, we could see Nathan was ensuring that it was being done with the same love, care, and attention that we would give if our own hands were building it. We dared to dream, and Anthony Homes made that dream a reality.”

Diane and Mike Hanyok

"When we started our journey in finding a new home in December of 2015, we would never have imagined that we would have been so blessed by your family. As we began to look at the many options for a new home, we toured one of the houses that you built in Austin Heights and immediately new that we wanted you to build our future home. From design to closing, your family walked alongside us in the journey resulting in a wonderful experience that we look back on with very fond memories. Tony, we are so appreciative of the way that you sat down with us to understand our lifestyle, our needs, and our hearts desires. Your wisdom in designing a home that would lend itself to taking care of an aging parent has been such a blessing. Your recommendation on the landscaping has worked out beautifully and has allowed our mother to get out and enjoy her gardening. Judy, we were simply overwhelmed by the countless of options of appliances, flooring, paint schemes, etc. Your gentle direction on vendor options and which products went well with others was simply wonderful. You made the process so much easier than we expected and we are so thankful for your desire to have our home be a statement of our personality. Vinny, we could not thank you enough for being the on-site construction manager. We were always impressed with your work ethic, the cleanliness of the site, and your willingness to keep us informed throughout the process. Throughout the construction process, you had a great eye for those minor adjustments that needed to be made. We were particularly impressed with your ability to supervise numerous subcontractors and balancing priorities all the while remaining on schedule. In closing, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the love and care that your family put into building our home. We could not be happier with the end result."

Gary and Janice Craver

"Janice and I want to let you know how pleased we are with the home you built for us. Itis truly a "dream home" with everything we wanted. As we have lived in the home we have come to appreciate even more the high-quality construction and materials used, and Tony's excellent design. When friends visit, they are amazed at how beautiful the home is. Also, we have to add, that your generous help and advice on landscape issues three years after our purchase was unexpected but greatly appreciated. To us, that type of" customer service" makes Anthony Homes really stand out. It saved us much grief and considerable expense. We consider ourselves fortunate to be an Anthony Homes owner, and would recommend Anthony Homes to anyone looking for a high quality, well-designed custom home. We wish you continued success as a quality home builder, and should we ever have need of another home, we would come first to Anthony Homes."

Jim and Nadia Brinson

"Dear Brett,

We wanted you to know how much we have appreciated your excellent warranty work on our home. Out of the 5 project Managers that Anthony 's  Homes has sent to us, you have been our favorite.

You have kept us informed of your progress on every project completed on our home on a consistent basis even during your off-hours, even when you were not scheduled to work.

We have deeply valued your cleanliness and courtesy and the dedication you 've proven in making sure each of your tasks was properly finished.

You have come out every time you have been requested to, and you have returned all of our calls, even if we phoned during the weekend.

You politely notified us in advance whenever someone was dispatched to our home so that we might be ready.

We have been deeply touched by your dependability, reliability, and honesty. Your honor, dedication, trustworthiness, and grasp of work ethics in all of the Hard work you have done for us will not be forgotten."

Colleen M. Irwin

"Dear Tony & Judy,

My husband and I would just like to express our sincerest heartfelt thanks to you and your company for the outstanding support we have received during these past 21 months with regard to the water/chemical issue at our home.

Since we purchased our Anthony home in July 2005, you have promptly responded to the numerous after-hours emergency calls when our sump pump became clogged and quit working. Even when we were past the 1-year warranty period for our home, you still responded to our calls instead of shrugging us off because it was now beyond the warranty period.

It's been a long and stressful 21 months trying to figure out what was causing the source of our chemical/calcium build-up in the sump pit.  However, during these past 21 months, you never gave up trying to come up with a solution for this unique problem. You spent numerous hours researching the problem, discussing a solution with engineers, chemists, and plumbers, and even tried to find the source of the water running to our home on several occasions. When you hadn't heard from us in a while, you even called to follow-up on how things were working and to see if we were having any more problems. When the problem resurfaced, you were there when needed again.

Your persistence finally paid off when it was determined that the groundwater was reacting to the concrete aggregate under/around the foundation of our house and the source of the water flow was found arid diverted away from the house. Digging the trench, laying rock and piping, and installing an outdoor sump pit area ended up being more of a monumental task than originally anticipated. However, once again, you took care of what had to be done in order to provide a solution that works for all of us. We can finally leave our home for any length of time and no longer worry about the sump pump clogging and coming home to a flooded basement.

Again, I'd like to express our appreciation to you for always being there when needed and for the support that we received from you and your company during the duration of this problem.

We can now fully enjoy our quality-built Anthony home for many years to come."

Michelle Maksymowicz

"To Whom It May Concern:

My husband and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Anthony Homes for making our dream home a reality. Having never been through such a process before, we weren't quite sure what to expect. Happily, the experience was a wonderful and memorable one and the end result has exceeded our expectations.

We want to specifically commend our project manager, Brett Dawson, for his professionalism and expertise. He was always reliable and responsive to our multitude of questions. He made suggestions and improvements that upgraded the beauty and functionality of our home. We have occupied the home for a few months now and he still responds in a timely manner to any problems we have and continues to treat us as valuable customers. It has been a real pleasure working with him.

Thank you again to those that we dealt with personally, and also those who we never met but had a hand in building our new home.  We would certainly recommend Anthony Homes to anyone looking to purchase or build a home.

With sincere thanks,

Michelle Maksymowicz"

Ralph and Marsha Crawford

"To whom it may concern:

We bought our home from Anthony Homes in December of 2006.

Our walk-through was a delight because the Anthony Homes representatives were very helpful and honestly looking for ways to make their house our home. They dealt with any concerns in a professional and prompt manner. One of those men was Bret Dawson the building superintendent. Coming from a family background of homebuilders we have found the home to be very well built but like most new home buyers we have had occasions where, outside the walk-through, we have had questions about our home questions not of the structural nature but with appearance or surface concerns. On those rare occasions, Bret has been quick to look into the matter with us and has made every effort to have it corrected. This young man has made our home buying experience with Anthony Homes a breeze and continues to step out and help us with any concerns we have, it truly has been a pleasure working with Bret. The care Bret takes in the building of Anthony Homes and the effort he puts forth immediately not weeks or months down the road is a rare thing. After being in real state for 34 years it is a real treat to see a builder and a superintendent like Bret take this kind of care with home buyers."